What Is Tandoor Cooking?

What Is Tandoor Cooking?

The terms tandoor and tandoori stand at totally different meanings, tandoor is the cooking equipment and tandoori is the style of cooking in a tandoor

Tandoori cooking is an authentic way of cooking, here in this blog we are going to inform you everything about a tandoor,

  • What is a tandoor?
  • What all can you cook in a tandoor?
  • Benefits you get using it
  • And lastly some FAQs

What is a tandoor?

A tandoor is a cooking equipment which is given the shape of a cylinder as it tends to get at high temperatures while cooking so to make sure no kind of harm is caused to the user or anybody else, the cylindrical shape of the tandoor keeps all the heat inside. When heated at a certain temperature, there is no need to kindle it again and again as it stays at the same temperature for several hours. Charcoal is one of the most popular fuels that is used to kindle a tandoor. It is advisable to light up a tandoor 20 to 30 minutes prior to cooking in a tandoor so that the heat is evenly spread to all its places. 

What all can you cook in a tandoor?

Often we think that tandoor cooking is restrained to baking rotis and naans only but no you can use the appliance to do much more than that basically a person can do everything that he or she does on a stove, starting from grilling, barbecuing, roasting, reheating, etc. 

1. Grilling- this is a style of cooking food in which heat is applied from below the food, or from the top, or from the sides, it is basically a dry- heat cooking method. This is one of the most simple steps that you can perform on a tandoor using a grill that you get along with the product and if you don’t, you can buy it too.

2. Barbecuing- this is cooked at a very slow flame, and roasted for a long time. In this, for the non-vegetarians, meat and chicken can be barbecued and for the vegetarians, pieces of cottage cheese and vegetables can be marinated in spices or sauces of your choice and cooked at a very low flame on a tandoor. 

3. Reheating- the process of reheating food is the same, you can reheat stale food in this appliance and you can enjoy eating it. 

4. Roasting- you can easily roast any of the vegetables, cottage cheese, meat, chicken using a tandoor, this process is also done at a low flame. 

Benefits you get using it

  • A tandoor is a portable appliance you can carry around anywhere you like, you can enjoy a merry time with your family with great food. 
  • Tandoors can help you eat healthy food with taste. People often think that there is absolutely no relation between taste and health but cooking in tandoor will prove you wrong, as the quick heating helps to keep intact all the nutrients and minerals of the food. 
  • No oil or very less oil is used in tandoor cooking. 
  • It adds a distinctive flavor of its own that drives people to it automatically. It enhances the taste of the food making it scrumptious, and full of aroma. 
  • Since a tandoor is made of clay, you get a lump of clay with it for repairs (if any), the clay helps to retain heat.
  • It can reach upto higher temperature, maximum to 900  degrees. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which type of clay is used in tandoors

The clays that are used generally are red clay, yellow clay, and black clay. Also it depends on the regions a tandoor is being manufactured.

2. Can we build a tandoor at home?

Yes, building a tandoor at your home can be a complex task but the most fun experience. 

3. What is a speciality of a tandoor?

A tandoor adds an authentic flavor of its own which draws attention to it automatically. 

4. Which fuel is used to kindle a tandoor?

Charcoal is used to kindle a tandoor

5. What are the popular herbs used in tandoori cooking?

Garam masala, ginger, garlic, coriander powder. 

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