How To Use Electric Tandoor First Time?

How To Use Electric Tandoor First Time

Use of electric tandoor can be tricky for people who have heard of the equipment for the first time or are planning to bring it home and work with it for the first time. But isn’t it important to know that before indulging and investing the two most precious things of life; time and money, we should know;

  • What is an electric tandoor?
  • Steps to use it
  • And know the safety measures to use electric tandoor. 

Here we are to give you all the knowhow of the questions that have been popping in your head ever since you have heard of the name. Be ready to give your next few minutes to know everything you need to know about this one appliance. 

What is an electric tandoor?

An electric tandoor is a type of tandoor, but normally tandoors work on fuels like charcoal but since we are a developing country who is now coming into contact with various new technologies, likewise electric tandoor is one of them. Electric tandoor is an appliance that works from electricity and the use of electric tandoor is the same as of the other ones. Using an electric tandoor you can roast, grill, barbeque, reheat, bake, to summarise, do everything of your choice. It consumes less power and is very intriguing to work with. It is a big appliance in rectangular shape that has the credibility to offer you versatility. 

Steps to conveniently work with electric tandoor

  1. First of all an electric tandoor is a quick heating device you don’t have to put it to heat several minutes before you start working, only a matter of 1 to 2 minutes prior heating will be great. 
  2. You get a detachable tray with a handle for easy transferring of the tray, with the appliance. 
  3. You can use the tray to place the things that you are planning to cook. For instance, we take peanuts as an example, we have to roast peanuts. 
  4. Switch the tandoor on and wait for a minute or two for it to heat. 
  5. Place peanuts on the detachable tray and put it inside to get roasted.
  6. It is important for the user to keep an eye on the appliance so that food doesn’t burn off. 
  7. After 1 or 2 minute passes, check if the peanuts are done, if not, keep the tray again for the next 2 minutes and you will be done by then.
  8. Likewise, you can accomplish every other work you need to do in the appliance, you are now good to go. 
Safety measures to use electric tandoor

Anything if not used properly can turn hazardous and we do not want that to happen with any of you, so in order to keep you safe and sound make sure to follow the below given steps as precautions while you are working or not with a tandoor,

  • Make sure that you keep the appliance away from the place that has access to direct sunlight and heat or else the appliance may get blasted,
  • Keep a distance of about 8 inches from the wall, between the tandoor and wall,
  • Avoid its contact with curtains or any other sensitive material,
  • Keep it away from the reach of children,
  • Only clean it when it has worn down to the room temperature and is not hot,
  • Do not use the tray with bare hands always use oven mitts or gloves, 
  • Use damp cloth to wipe out the residues of the appliance but only when it is at normal temperature,
  • Do not put plastic or lacquered utensils inside the appliance. 

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