How To Make Roti In Tandoor

How To Make Roti In Tandoor ?

It is obvious for you all to think that why would someone commence their blog with this peculiar title but as per our strategy we believe in grabbing the attention of our customers and keeping them locked with us just like this title grabbed your attention. Also if there is someone who is looking for something exactly like the title says so he or she can directly end up landing here. 

Everything you need to know

Everyone out there wants to have great food on a daily basis and wants to get rid of the tedious taste and procedure be it the person who makes or the person who eats the food, everyone should be open to adventure and deserves to enjoy it too. Making tandoori roti in tandoor is definitely one of the easiest tasks and a fun way of preparing your meals. But before we jump into telling you the procedure, don’t you think it is important to know all the other functionalities that you can enjoy using this cooking equipment. We are sure after reading this blog you will master the procedure of making tandoori roti in tandoor and also all the other things you can do using this product. 


We are sure that after reading this whole blog you will be amazed to know the functions this product has to offer you and will definitely regret thinking what you people have been missing put on for so long. The functioning of this product will let you know that it is one of the simplest forms of cooking and how easily and conveniently you can work and also let you know that cooking can be a fun errand too. 

Basically there are two types of tandoors, one that works on fuel and the other that works through electricity, both function conveniently and you can buy the one that suits you the best. The gas tandoor can be fueled by charcoal which makes it an eco- friendly product and so is the electric one as it consumes very less power. The basic function of a tandoor is to make tandoori roti, to bake the unleavened breads and evenly bake them from all the sides but what most people are devoid of the information that a tandoor is capable to do much more than that like you can cook various types of vegetables, you can cook chinese, barbecue stuff, grill pizza, and the most popular make tandoori chai as well. What else do you need when you can use just one appliance to cook all these things in a very less time and cook all of them in bulk. The best function of a tandoor is that it adds the taste of its own, a distinctive flavor, a smoky appetizing taste, provides healthy meals and lets you complete your work in no time. Now that we know the functions it is time to master the skills of making tandoori roti in tandoor. 

Step By Step Process To Make Tandoori Roti
  1. A tandoor is of cylindrical shape whose upper side is partially open and covered with a lid.
  2. You get skewers through which you can easily load and unload a tandoor. 
  3. Fuel the tandoor so that it can heat up before you start placing the rotis, wait for one to two minutes. 
  4. When you are done rolling the piece of a dough in the perfect shape, insert the skewer in the raw roti and start placing it one by one inside the tandoor. 
  5. Cover the lid so that the fume doesn’t come out. Also the shape of the tandoor is cylindrical so the heat will stay inside the equipment only. 
  6. Check after a few minutes and when you feel the rotis are done, take them out and serve them to your guests as you are willing to serve it. 
Benefits Of Making tandoori roti in tandoor
  1. Using a tandoor, you can cook several rotis at the same time which eventually helps you complete your work in less time.
  2. Healthy approach to having your meals. As you don’t need to use oil while working with a tandoor. 
  3. The product is portable so you can cook rotis or the whole meal in any area of your house. 
  4. You don’t need to heat the appliance time and again as once heated it stays up at the same temperature for several hours. 
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a tandoor heat up evenly?

-> yes, it heats evenly and spreads heat to every corner of the product.

2. Is it safe to use a tandoor?

-> yes, tandoors are very safe to use but recommended to keep them away from the reach of children. 

3. Are tandoors high quality products?

-> yes, these are made from stainless steel which is corrosion resistant and blast proof.

4. What is the temperature range of a tandoor?

-> it ranges from 300 to 400 degree celsius and reaches upto 900 degrees. 

5. Is it perfect to be used at home?

-> yes, the product is perfectly suitable to be used in homes. 

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