How To Cook Naan In An Electric Tandoor?

How To Cook Naan In An Electric Tandoor?

Electric tandoors emits out the vibe of an oven but using it will make you realize that it is so much better than an oven and will also repudiate the idea of using an oven ever again in your life. This blog will help you understand a lot of things in terms of an electric oven that will make the use of an oven convenient to you and help you understand it way more better. In this blog we will be telling you about the following things:- 

  1. What is an electric tandoor?
  2. Steps to use a tandoor, this point will clarify how to use a tandoor to cook everything you need, not just rotis.
  3. What can be cooked in an electric tandoor
  4. And in the end get the answers to the frequently asked questions. 

What is an electric tandoor?

An electric tandoor is a type of tandoor that runs on electricity, also uses low consumption of energy. The device is equipped with the power of quick heating, it takes merely a minute or two for it to heat completely. It is made of high quality raw materials such as cast iron, stainless steel that helps to keep the product new even if it gets old. A corrosion resistant equipment that is also preventive to blasts, so you can use it for several hours without having to worry about it getting blasted. This is a device that enables you to complete your work in a short span of time and do it efficiently. 

Steps to use an electric tandoor

  1. Switch on the tandoor 1 to 2 minutes prior before you start using it, yes, it takes only a minute or two to heat up the device. 
  2. Do not touch the device as it tends to get heated up. 
  3. An electric tandoor is equipped with a detachable tray and it has a handle connected to it, so you can easily draw it in and out. 
  4. When you are done kneading a dough, rolling it into a chapati or a roti, without the use of oil or ghee, simply spread an aluminum sheet on the tray and then the rotis on the aluminum sheet. 
  5. Keep a check on the rotis so that it doesn’t burn off.
  6. It will take a minute for the roti to be baked properly from all the sides. 
  7. When you feel the roti is done, take it out and serve it as you like it. 

Similarly, you can use the device for other purposes as well like for roasting, grilling, barbecuing, etc. 

What all can be cooked in a tandoor?

An electric tandoor is a suitable appliance for the fulfillment of all the things that are done in a kitchen. Starting from baking to roasting, you can do it all. It is a very easy to use appliance, and is designed in a way that is user friendly. It is also compact in size, neither too small nor too big just the right size. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we use an electric tandoor for reheating?

Yes, it can be used for reheating. 

2. What are the risks that you have using an electric tandoor?

Mainly burns are the utmost risk you can have, so it is recommended to keep a constant check whilst working with this. 

3. Is it safe to use aluminum sheets in an electric tandoor

Yes, it is safe for you to use aluminum sheets. 

4. Which type of cloth is best to be used in an electric tandoor?

Re-usable and non-stick cloths are the best to be used in this tandoor. 

5. Are electric tandoors low maintenance?

Yes, electric tandoors are low maintenance as you can easily use a damp cloth to clean all the residues of the appliance but only when it has been worn down at room temperature. 

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