SS2 Standard – (Large Home Tandoor Clay Oven)


Ideal for up to 20-25 people

Accessories included: 8 x SS Skewers, 2 x SS Nan Rods, 1 x Nan Gaddi/Cushion


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SS2 Standard – (Large Home Tandoor Clay Oven)

These charcoal-fired clay ovens have an interior temperature that may reach up to 400 degrees Celsius, SS2 Standard – (Large Home Tandoor Clay Oven) which allows for cooking that is unparalleled by any other kind of barbecue. Your meat will be cooked to perfection using the oven’s dry heat, coming out perfectly browned and crisp on the exterior while remaining juicy and moist on the inside. Because the fat drops down onto the charcoal, you end up with lean meat that is devoid of fat on your dish. To immediately begin enjoying the benefits of healthy cooking without the use of oil, purchase now. That is a guarantee from PURI’s side.

SS2 Standard – (Large Home Tandoor Clay Oven) that is portable, enormous in size, and constructed out of stainless steel and charcoal. Perfect for groups of up to 25 people

Inside of the original hand-crafted clay oven that is housed inside of the stylish stainless steel exterior casing that is well insulated to enhance heat retention.


The tandoor clay oven is a time-honored piece of cooking equipment that has been used by people living in Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent for many centuries. SS2 Standard – (Large Home Tandoor Clay Oven) Baking bread, roasting meat, and cooking vegetables are just some of the frequent uses for this oven, which may be built of metal or clay and has a cylindrical form. The tandoor is a multipurpose and effective piece of cooking equipment since it can achieve temperatures of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, and it may be fired by either charcoal or wood.


The use of the tandoor as a cooking device dates back to the time of the earliest known civilizations. Clay ovens that date back to the Harappan culture, which flourished over 5,000 years ago in the territory that is now Pakistan and northwest India, SS2 Standard – (Large Home Tandoor Clay Oven) have been discovered by archaeologists. The Harappan civilization flourished in the region that is now Pakistan and northwest India. Bread was baked in these early ovens, which were heated with either wood or dried cow dung. These early ovens were used to bake bread.

The tandoor, or clay oven, as it is more often known today is said to have originated in Central Asia. There, it was used as a method of meat preparation by nomadic tribes. SS2 Standard – (Large Home Tandoor Clay Oven) Tandoors eventually became ubiquitous throughout the Indian subcontinent, becoming an essential component of both Indian and Pakistani culinary traditions in the process. Tandoors are common fixtures in restaurants and private houses around the globe in the modern day.


Clay is traditionally used to construct the cylindrical tandoor oven, which has a dome-like top. The oven is either constructed into a building, such as a wall, SS2 Standard – (Large Home Tandoor Clay Oven) or it is embedded into the ground. Firebricks are used to line the inside of the oven, which helps to keep the heat in while also ensuring that it is distributed evenly. A slit has been cut into the top of the stove, and it is through this slit that fuel is added to the fire.

The charcoal or wood that is burnt inside the tandoor oven provides the source of heat for the oven. The heat from the fire is taken up by the firebricks, SS2 Standard – (Large Home Tandoor Clay Oven) which then radiate it outwards, resulting in a very hot atmosphere in which to cook. The inside of the tandoor may achieve temperatures of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to cook food in a short amount of time while maintaining its quality.


The tandoor is a multifunctional piece of cooking equipment that may be used to prepare a wide range of dishes. Baking bread in a tandoor is among the most prevalent applications for this cooking appliance. The tandoor is often used to bake naan, SS2 Standard – (Large Home Tandoor Clay Oven) a form of flatbread that is a culinary mainstay in both Pakistani and Indian cuisine. Tandoors are capable of baking a wide variety of breads, including rotis and kulchas, amongst others.

The tandoor is not only used for baking bread, but also for roasting meat. Tandoori chicken is a well-known dish in Indian cuisine. Before being cooked in a tandoor, SS2 Standard – (Large Home Tandoor Clay Oven) the chicken is first marinated in a sauce made of yoghurt and other spices. The intense heat of the tandoor produces a beef that is crisp on the outside while maintaining its natural juices and a soft texture on the inside.

Tandoors are great for cooking a variety of foods, including vegetables. Tandoori paneer, a meal consisting of cheese that has been marinated, is often cooked in a tandoor. SS2 Standard – (Large Home Tandoor Clay Oven) The high heat of the oven produces a crispy surface while maintaining the softness and gooeyness of the cheese on the inside.


It is essential to do the appropriate maintenance on the tandoor in order to extend its lifespan and guarantee its reliability. After each time the oven is used, SS2 Standard – (Large Home Tandoor Clay Oven) the ashes should be emptied out, and then a wet cloth should be used to wash off the inside of the appliance. It is recommended that the firebricks be inspected on a regular basis to guarantee that they are in excellent condition and that they be replaced if they suffer any damage.

To prevent damage from condensation and rust caused by moisture, the tandoor’s outside should be coated with a water-resistant material. To protect the tandoor from damage caused by low temperatures, it is best to either cover it or bring it inside in regions that have severe winters.


It is important to exercise care while using the tandoor since it is a very hot cooking device. If sufficient safety measures are not implemented, the high temperatures within the oven have the potential to inflict significant burns. When working with food in a tandoor, SS2 Standard – (Large Home Tandoor Clay Oven) it is essential to use tongs with extended handles and wear gloves that can withstand high temperatures.

Our SS2 ‘standard’ model comes with the following free accessories :

1 x stainless steel lid with wooden handle
8 x stainless steel skewers /wooden handles
2 x stainless steel naan bread rods
1 x naan bread cushion / Gaddi
1 x lump of clay for repairs
Diameter            : 45.8cm / 458mm / 18″
Height                : 66.6cm / 660mm / 26″
Mouth diameter  : 28cm/ 280mm / 11″
Weight               : 60kgs
For more details, please check the dimensions picture above
Packed in wooden box (Approx. 80 Kgs)
L x W x H: 54 x 57 x 73 (cms)

Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 26 cm


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