SQ1 – Square XL Mini Tandoor For Home


Ideal for up to 40 people

  • Tandoor designed for BBQ islands/outdoor kitchens
  • Primarily charcoal fired
  • Gas option available for an extra $200
  • Satin finish stainless steel to match other appliances
  • Free accessories included- 1 x SS lid with handle, 10 x SS skewers mixed width, 2 x SS naan bread rods (Hook & scrapper), 1 x naan cushion/Gaddi, 1 x 100% weatherproof cover, 4 x Casters with 2 x front casters with brakes

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SQ1 – Square XL Mini Tandoor For Home


Eating the same food everyday is very boring and we get a lot of complaints from the family members about eating the same food everyday. So to solve this problem for you we have a small tandoor for home on which you can not only bake rotis or naan’s but also can be used for baking, for reheating, for toasting anything you want to. This mini tandoor oven is absolutely best for everyday use and even if you are using it once or twice a week or month then they are the best sort of cooking appliance too. We often feel like eating outside since we can’t eat pizzas or any other special food item in our houses but not anymore. With these square XL mini tandoor you can have a small party anytime you want at your own place too. And all of us do agree that tandoor does provide a different taste to the food. All your cravings can be fulfilled while sitting at home only and by this you can save your money so a total win win situation.



Well there are a lot of advantages that you can get using this very small product that can do wonders for you. First of all a lot of people think of this product that it can only be used to bake naan or rotis but no this can be used in making other food items too like baking pizzas, roasting meat, grilling chicken anything you like. The best part of this product is that it helps you to get over with your work faster too as you can bake 3 to 4 rotis naan at once so you don’t have to wait and bake rotis one after one. Also since it is a mini tandoor so it won’t grab a lot of your space it can easily fit into a small space. Mini tandoor gas grill can be used to grill chicken, fish or any food item of your choice.


Features and accessories of the product

The most important and attractive feature of the best mini tandoor for home in India product is that it is made of stainless steel and stainless steel helps to keep the product as new as old it gets. It keeps the product corrosion free and heat resistant, it gives the product a very attractive and rich look. The most vital thing a product should have is that it should be durable and tandoor mini oven will go a long way for you. Domestic homes use small tandoor as it is made up of a special clay which is best in handling heat and consistency. And among all these benefits, another advantage is that you also don’t have the headache of installing it. These mini tandoors are heat resistant and blast proof so you can safely use it for hours. Along with the mini tandoor you also get some accessories that will make it run more efficiently and smoothly. You get skewers with stoppers, naan bread rods, naan bread cushion and waterproof cover. These will help in making your work easy.


Our first and foremost aim is to provide our customers with the best quality products and also the products they don’t think are too expensive and can easily buy. The mini tandoor for home price is just as affordable as all our other products are. We don’t like to disappoint our customers so all the products are designed and the prices are set according to what we know can attract our consumers. Also our products are on 6 month warranty so if you face any problem you can contact us immediately and services will be given away as soon as we can. You can check our website and buy mini tandoor online. You can buy the best mini tandoor oven from us and also at the best prices. Buying naan tandoor or buying mini tandoor is certainly going to be very useful for you so come grab as soon as you can. Trust us once and we promise not to break it and can certainly say that you will be returning to use once you buy our product. We know how to attract our customers by serving them the best quality product and the on time services.

Additional information

Weight 210 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 33 cm


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