RG-2 Rose Gold Barrel Tandoor


Primarily charcoal fired with gas option available for an extra $250

Dimensions: 32×36″, mouth: 14″, Weight 450 lbs.

The Rose Gold Barrel Tandoor comes with the following free accessories

  • 1 x SS lid with handle
  • 10 x SS skewers mixed width
  • 2 x SS naan bread rods (Hook & scrapper)
  • 1 x naan bread cushion/Gaddi
  • 1 x Lump of Clay for repairs
  • 1 x bottle of oil

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RG-2 Rose Gold Barrel Tandoor

The RG-2 rose gold barrel tandoor is one of the finest tandoors that we manufacture. It helps to bring back the old taste of authenticity in the world in an urban avatar. Rose gold barrel tandoor for restaurant gives the premium copper with the ease of maintenance of stainless steel look. A tandoor is a special type of oven that is typically made with clay. The large cylindrical shape helps it to keep all the heat inside. Once it’s heated to a certain temperature it keeps it at that level for hours without needing to add more fuel. If you make chicken it keeps it juicy and tender. Tandoors certainly adds an extra flavor to the food that is leaning towards the smoky and scrumptious taste. This is a must buy product for all the lovely customers out there who are currently working in a restaurant. This is a must buy product specially made and designed for you. If you want to impress your friends and family then you should definitely buy this fancy looking cooking appliance. 


This is the best tandoor you can have at your place as it can not only just bake rotis, or naans you can even use it for other purposes. Like roasting, reheating, grilling etc. You might have heard of the name tandoori momos so basically you can make anything you like sitting in your place very easily.  The best advantage of buying this product is that you can have tasty food in less oil and make it fat free. It doesn’t even reduce the taste to be precise, it makes the food even better. No vitamins or minerals are lost in the cooking process. It is an easy and healthy way you can serve yourself and your guests.

Features And Accessories Of The Product

Rose gold gives any product a very attractive and rich look. You can have this beautiful product at the best rose gold barrel tandoor price from us. This cooking appliance is made and designed for all our customers out there to make your life so much easier and reduce your working hours to a great extent. The best feature of this product is that it is entirely with a lot of hard work and is made by Indian artisans, so it is a made in India product. It caters up to 50 to 60 people at once this makes the appliance a worth purchasing product. It consists of a double wall with double insulation to retain the heat. A special type of clay is used in building this product that helps it to control the heat and consistency of the food. Since its body is of stainless steel, that makes it blast proof and corrosion resistant. We even have an rg 2 rose gold barrel for sale. This product is also durable and reliable so it will certainly help you in the long run. As electric square drum tandoor manufacturers or rose gold tandoor barrel manufacturers we also serve you with some free accessories that will surely help you in making the cooking process more easy and efficient.  Accessories like ss lid with handles, ss skewers, ss naan bread rods( hook and scrapper), naan bread cushion, lump of clay for repairs and a bottle of oil. 

With 10 years of experience in this field we always till today try to provide you with our best services and products. You can check for the latest rose gold barrel tandoor price. Our products are on a warranty of 6 months so you can contact us directly if you face any problem with the appliance. Rg 2 rose gold tandoor price is also very budget friendly. For a better experience with us we have our rose gold barrel tandoor oven for sale. We are being highly praised for the durability and reliability our services and products are providing to the customers. We welcome you with a big heart to join us. With you we grow. Trust us once, we promise not to disappoint you. 

Additional information

Weight 204 kg
Dimensions 36 × 22 × 33 cm


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