Deluxe Tandoors Combo Pack


Accessories included: 10 x SS Skewers, 2 x SS Nan Rods, 1 x Nan Gaddi/Cushion, 1 x SS tandoor bbq grill/griddle, 1 x weatherproof cover

Ideal for up to 40 people

Accessories included
  • 10 x SS skewers mixed width w/stoppers
  • 2 x SS Nan rods (hook & scrapper)
  • 1 x Gaddi/Nan cushion
  • 1 x SS lid
  • 4 x Castors
  • 1 x Weatherproof Cover
  • 1 x Lump of Clay for repairs

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Deluxe Tandoors Combo Pack


To make your work more easier we now have to offer you a deluxe large home tandoor combo pack. In this deluxe large home tandoor you get three different sizes of tandoors like small, medium, and large. The small tandoor can be easily used to serve around 10 to 15 people, so it is ideal for a very small home party or just a family party. The medium size tandoor can serve up to 25 to 35 people so this is also ideal for small gatherings that take place at your abodes. The last one is the large one, this has the optimal capacity to serve around 45 to 50 people, so even this is ideal for normal gatherings. This tandoor deluxe is also made using high quality raw materials so they are durable and reliable too. Not just at home parties but it can also be used in restaurants, caterings too. As tandoor dealer manufacturers we will highly recommend this product to you as it solves all the purposes. 



As this is an all purpose product so you can use it either for baking, roasting, reheating and grilling. You can use any of them as per your own needs and requirements, one of something the other one for something and the third one for something to serve a large quantity since it has a lot of space and is larger in size than the other two. The thing that makes this product a lot attractive is that it is very easy to clean. It provides a captivating, delicious and scrumptious taste to your food. Using this product will certainly make you the hit of hosting parties as you will be sending your guests in awe of your food. This product is helpful for restaurants and budding caterers too as it will surely make your work so much easier and you will be able to serve your customers quickly. 


Features And Accessories Of The Product

The one feature that I can assure that will attract you is the quality that our product has. The home tandoor deluxe large set is made of high graded raw materials. Also it is better to use it as you can now have the taste that you get in restaurants you can simply have it sitting and relaxing in your home with the help of tandoor deluxe at home. As tandoor deluxe manufacturers in India it is our duty to introduce you with the best features of our product. Since it is made of stainless steel it is certain to say that it is durable and will work efficiently for you. The stainless steel element is fitted in this home tandoor deluxe oven that gives the product a life of 10 years. So it is blast proof and corrosion resistant which makes it easier for you to use it continuously without any danger. Also a special type of clay is used that helps it to handle heat and the consistency. Stainless steel also provides a very attractive look to the product. Along with the best deluxe large home tandoor you get some of the accessories like skewers mixed with stoppers, naan rods, naan cushions, ss lid, castors, waterproof cover and clay for repairing. 


For our best customers we have this combo pack for you at our best prices that are totally affordable and will fit right at your budget. Not only we want you to visit us for once but to establish a relationship that goes long we certainly will provide you with our best quality products. We make sure that we build the items in total contentment of what you will like and will get attracted to. As tandoor deluxe manufacturers we provide a 6 month warranty period to our customers so in case you face any difficulty with the product you can contact us and we will be at your services as soon as possible. Our friendly and trained employers make sure that they don’t disappoint you in any way. Our products are generally praised because of the services and quality products that we satisfy our consumers with. Hope to establish a bond with a lot of you so that we can grow as you grow. 

Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 26 cm


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