CU32 – Charcoal Tandoor


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1 Blue Flexible Hose 4 Feet Into Third Forths Inches $200.00
1 Naan Pad And Gaddi $10.00
1 Skewers 4mm Round And Square $5.00
1 Skewers 6mm Round $5.00
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Buy CU32 Charcoal Tandoor At Best Price

Charcoal tandoor oven is one of the best things we do in our company. It is a sustainable product that is all natural and gives a powerful grilling to your food items. There is no artificial chemical used in this cooking appliance. The result of this product will leave you in awe as it is more eco- friendly, longer lasting tandoor charcoal, and helps you to cook a very delicious meal in a smarter way. A tandoor is a special type of oven that is typically made with clay. The large cylindrical shape helps it to keep all the heat inside. Once it’s heated to a certain temperature it keeps it that level for hours without needing to add more fuel. If you make chicken it keeps it juicy and tender. This is a must buy product for all our favorite customers out there. This mini coal tandoor is designed to make your work much easier and better. 


Coal tandoor is certainly very useful to make your cooking style and taste better than you can even think of. It is not just suitable in baking rotis, or tandoori naans but you can do much more than all of this. You can use tandoor charcoal grilling to grill your chicken or meat anything you like, you can use it for reheating and roasting purposes too. It will help you to become the hit of your party as you will send your guests with their stomachs filled up to their necks and mouths still watering. Charcoal tandoor for home will make your work so much easier and better that is for sure. It gives the food a different dimension as it tastes smoky and gives you a mouthful taste of all the flavors. The best part about this cooking appliance is that it is eco- friendly. It doesn’t even reduce the taste to be precise, it makes the food even better. This is a highly recommended cooking appliance. 

Features And Accessories Of The Product

Commercial charcoal tandoor has some really great features that you should pay attention to before buying it. It is a new generation coal for tandoor not built with any artificial materials. It burns longer than the average charcoal does so you don’t have to time and again kindle with the coal. The best part is that it is 100% natural no artificial material is used in building the product or the coal. It evenly spreads out the heat at every corner of the burner. It has very low ash and spreads very low smoke while burning too, it keeps the air and your floor clean. You can easily replace it with your old charcoal and use it for grillers, smokers, outdoor ovens and more as it is a versatile product. The oven is made of high graded raw materials too which gives it a very rich look and helps it to be durable and reliable. Stainless steel helps this cooking appliance to be blast proof and corrosion resistant too so you can work on it continuously for hours and also you don’t have to worry that with time it will catch rust. As charcoal tandoor manufacturers and suppliers we even offer you with some of the accessories that will help in making the product work really efficiently and better.  You will receive skewers, naan cushion, 100% waterproof cover, stainless steel mouth cover, tandoor gloves and charcoal starters. 

We aim at providing our customers with the best products that we can so that you can rely on us completely and only remember us whenever you are in need of anything. The charcoal tandoor price is also too reasonable that it will just fall right into your budget. You can search for charcoal tandoor near me and find us right on your screen. You can get high quality products and charcoal tandoor prices at a very budget friendly rate. To give you more advantages we even have charcoal tandoor for sale so you should just go and make the best use of your money. This product is not just suitable for homes; you can have charcoal tandoor for restaurants too. We recommend you to add this to your shelf as soon as possible. Commercial charcoal tandoor is a product that will certainly prove you to be the best cooking appliance in your kitchen. We believe in not just providing you with high quality products but also honoring you with our great services. You can buy charcoal tandoor at the best price in India only from, contact us soon.

Additional information

Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 37 cm


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