A01 – Golden Tandoor



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A01 Golden Tandoor manufacturer

Golden tandoors is one of the clay tandoors ovens specializing in gas, electric and charcoal ovens. A tandoor is a special type of oven that is typically made with clay. The large cylindrical shape helps it to keep all the heat inside. Once it’s heated to a certain temperature it keeps it at that level for hours without needing to add more fuel. If you make chicken it keeps juicy and tender. Golden tandoor online is one of the best products that you can have. It’s time to upgrade your shelf and the way to serve. This will bring you the authentic taste of earlier times but in an urban avatar and in a better style. This is a must buy product as it is suitable for making your work easier and faster and also because it will surely look great with your other cooking appliances. Buy this appliance and help yourself in achieving great results by serving your customers on time. 


One of the great things about using this cooking appliance is that you get to enjoy the authentic ancient flavors today and that too in a healthier way. As no oil or less oil is used in this appliance in the process. No vitamins or minerals are lost in the cooking process. It serves you a healthy meal which is super delicious. Tandoors do add that smoky and intense smell and taste in the food that just makes it look more appealing. We generally feel that there is no connection between healthy and tasty but this product will prove you wrong. Tandoors are not just good at baking rotis or naans but you can do everything on it straight from roasting to grilling. It is also very safe to use. 

Features And Accessories Of The Product

This cooking appliance is made of high graded materials. A special type of clay is used in tandoors that enables it to control the heat and consistency of the food item. You also don’t need to increase or decrease the flame time and again. You can get the best golden tandoor price online here from us. Another best thing about this appliance is that it is portable so it makes it easier for you to carry this product anywhere you like. The body of this product is made from stainless steel that gives it a very rich and expensive look but you can get golden tandoor at the best price from us. It is blast proof and corrosion resistant so you can work on it for hours and not worry about it getting blasted and the second best thing is that it won’t catch rust as there is an element called chromium which is in stainless steels that helps it to resist rust. Since stainless steel is so it is safe to say that this appliance is durable and reliable. As golden tandoor manufacturers we also provide you with some free accessories that will help you in working with the appliance smoothly and efficiently. Accessories like ss lid with brass handle, ss skewers with wooden handles, ss naan bread rods, naan bread cushion, lump of clay for repairs, 100% waterproof cover, and a ss BBQ grill. 

For your convenience and betterment we have golden tandoor for sale too so you can buy from us now. We make our product with high quality raw materials so that you don’t face any problem. Our products are highly durable and made in India. With the quality we make sure that we provide you great services too, so we train our employees to be polite and friendly with you and make you comfortable. Our appliances are very procket friendly too, they are not too expensive and not too cheap just the right price that will work for you and us both. We promise not to disappoint you. 

Additional information

Weight 320 kg
Dimensions 37 × 32 × 37 cm


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