28*30 Medium Charcoal Restaurant Tandoor


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28*30 Medium Charcoal Restaurant Tandoor

Charcoal tandoor restaurant is one of the ideal purchases for all the restaurants, caterers out there. It makes you do your work with so much efficiency and in a much easier and faster way. Tandoors add a very different dimension to the food. It adds that smoky and scrumptious taste that becomes very hard to resist. You can get charcoal tandoors online. This product is eco friendly as no artificial chemical is used in manufacturing of this cooking appliance. It will certainly help you to cook a very tasty and healthy meal and leave your customers in awe and crave for more. A tandoor is a special type of oven that is typically made with clay. The large cylindrical shape helps it to keep all the heat inside. Once it’s heated to a certain temperature it keeps it that level for hours without needing to add more fuel. If you make chicken it keeps it juicy and tender.This is a must buy product for all our favorite customers out there. 


This is the best appliance to regain the taste of the authentic flavors in which our food was prepared earlier. It is not just suitable in baking rotis, or tandoori naans but you can do much more than all of this. Charcoal tandoor oven restaurant is a cooking appliance that can be used for all cooking purposes. You can grill chicken, meat on it, you can use it for roasting, reheating too. You can bake pizzas and serve a large number of people at once. This appliance helps you to increase the timing of your services. It gives the food a different dimension as it tastes smoky and gives you a mouthful taste of all the flavors. The best part about this cooking appliance is that it is eco- friendly. It doesn’t even reduce the taste to be precise, it makes the food even better. This is a highly recommended cooking appliance. 

Features And Accessories Of The Product

Medium charcoal tandoor oven has some really great features that will just want you to buy it straight away. No type of artificial chemicals are used in the manufacturing of this cooking appliance. This is designed with high graded materials that makes the product durable and reliable. We are sure you don’t want to put your money into the product that breaks down in one or usage you want a product that will last long. You can buy charcoal restaurants to upgrade your kitchen shelf. The dimensions of this product are; 71*76*94 cm. The dimensions of the pallet are; 76*928109 cms. And it weighs 225 kgs. With this appliance another advantage is that you don’t have to go through the process of installing as it doesn’t need to get installed. We also provide you with some free accessories that will just make it easier for you to use the product. Accessories like square rod stainless steel skewers in three different sizes, thick naan skewers, a cushion, a stainless steel lid for tandoor, heat proof castors and one of which has a stopper which prevents the tandoor movement if required, and a temperature gauge. 

The medium charcoal restaurant tandoor price is too reasonable, very pocket friendly. You can search for a medium charcoal restaurant tandoor near me and find us. Your comfort is our priority. We assure you to provide products that are made from high quality materials so that you don’t have to face any problem because of us. For your benefit we even have medium charcoal restaurant tandoor for sale so you can and must grab the opportunity now. We strive to serve our customers with the best we can and in every domain be it quality, servicing or the prices. We want absolutely zero worries for you. We only want you to trust us once so we can honor you with our best products. As your growth is our growth. 

Additional information

Weight 225 kg
Dimensions 28 × 20 × 30 cm


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