Home Tandoor OVENS

Planning for a small get together where you can serve your guests with delicious and scrumptious food then what else can suit you the best other than buying the best home tandoor. Home tandoors do provide the food that different taste and the smell that just will lead you to crave for more. You can use home tandoor for naan and home tandoor for roti and serve your guests with the best you can. There are different types of tandoors that we can provide you like electric home tandoor, mini home tandoor, microne home tandoor, home tandoor clay oven and with its accessories too. Home tandoors don’t just provide food with a different taste but it also helps you get over with your work as you can bake 2 to 4 naans or rotis at once on it. So get the best home tandoor oven from us. All this can happen only when you have the best tandoor oven for home cooking as our first and foremost priority is to serve our customer the best. 

How to use and what are the uses?

As home tandoor manufacturers it is also our duty to keep you updated about how and what you can use it for. The best thing about tandoors is that they are very easy to use. Microne electric home tandoor are often said that they can only be used to bake rotis or meat but that’s not the case this appliance can be used to defrost, barbecue, reheat and toast. You can even bake pizzas on it. Small home tandoor are the best for household purposes or parties too as they are very easy to use and just add so much flavor to your dish. And it doesn’t snatch a lot of your place. You can simply just place it safely somewhere away from the reach of children or any kind of danger and just get started with your work. Home tandoor oven can be used only at small household parties but can also be used in your restaurants. Electric tandoors are used on electricity and are fitted with heat control that works in three modes so that you can adjust accordingly and your food is perfectly cooked. Simple tandoors are used. First you have to set fire to the kindling and then gradually after some time add more kindling and let it burn for 30 to 40 mins and then you can continue with your work. 

Features of our products and accessories

We all are always concerned about the quality of our product. Whatever we are buying should be the best quality wise and durable too. Our home tandoor oven India is made with high quality raw materials. The electric home tandoor is fitted with a stainless steel heating element which can sustain till 10 years and the best part is that it is blast proof and corrosion proof that makes it easier for you to continuously cook for hours and safely, which is the best for you to use in restaurants. All our tandoors are designed in a way that is perfect for optimal capacity and are also portable so that makes it easier for you to cook at any corner of your house. Our home tandoor oven is made of a special clay that is best at handling high heat and consistency. Along with all these benefits, you also don’t need to install it. These can easily be used on charcoal or gas and are best suited for your home parties or small gatherings and stuff like that. You can check our Home tandoor online and the accessories too. With our home tandoor India we provide you with some accessories too like home tandoor grill, gas burner set, tandoor gloves, additional skewers, infrared thermometer and charcoal starters. 

With 10 years of experience at home tandoor and other products as well we always prioritize the needs and requirements of our consumers. Providing you with the best quality and top domestic electric tandoor dealers is our duty. We have our home tandoor for sale as well so you can check that out too. We are being highly appreciated for the durability and efficiency that our products provide to the customers. You can get the latest domestic home tandoor at the best home tandoor price. Buy a domestic tandoor oven for sale at very affordable prices and also give us the honor to serve you with our best service. We promise not to disappoint on any basis and your priority is our priority.