Must-have Best Home Tandoor Accessories

Got yourself a tandoor oven to add supreme rizz to your cooking skills? Now it is time to increase your cooking skills up a notch by adding Domestic Tandoor Accessories into the mix. By adding the accessories, you will not only be increasing the probability of seamless cooking but a safe one as well.

A true grill master needs Accessories for Residential Tandoors for a great starter to upgrade your cooking methods. The more required accessories you get, the better you will be at cooking and maintaining etiquette. Getting an oven is just a start because to get the right grilling experience, you need the right tools to accompany them. This blog will cover all the important Tandoor Accessories you need to enjoy the grilling experience.

Must Have Domestic Tandoor Accessories

Gaddi Pads

A gaddi pad, a necessary home tandoor accessories online, is something you must have seen in restaurants. It is a cotton cushion that is used to place naan on the inside wall of the tandoor. The term “gaddi” refers to “cushion” which lends its originality from the indic origin. The gaddi pad is one of the Diy home tandoor accessories that you can make using unusable clothes, is the throne upon which your naan would sit until it is placed on the inside of the tandoor oven.


  1. With the help of the gaddi pad, you can safely stick your hand inside the tandoor oven and stick the nann to the tandoor oven’s interior walls.
  2. The gaddi pad acts as a buffer between your hand and the hot surface of the tandoor oven. It is one of the most needed Domestic  Tandoor Oven Accessories that ensures your safety while making a loaf of bread.
  • Weather Cover

A weather cover is one of the essential and best domestic tandoor accessories that you need to have if you use outdoor tandoor appliances. Many may consider this great piece of appliance as “not needed” but we beg to differ. Your weather cover is one of the significant grill accessories that you need to have for your tandoor. What this accessory does is protect outdoor appliances from natural elements, such as snow, ice, rain, hail, and other challenging atmospheric conditions.


  1. Weather cover is essential as it is an ideal Domestic tandoor accessories online that protects your appliance against corrosion, rust, and other damaging occurrences.
  2. Let us not forget the matter of durability. Rust and corrosion of the material degrades the quality of the equipment. However, the weather cover protects the equipment and ensures its durability.
  3. Breathability is another factor that a good weather cover would offer at a competitive Domestic tandoor accessories price. A good cover would not trap moisture, which could lead to the formation of mold and mildew. Rather it will offer enhanced breathability. 
  • Bread Tools 

Similar to gaddi pads, the bread tools are extremely important Domestic tandoor accessories in India that ensure your safety while making a fluffy price of bread. The bread tools allow the chef to easily manipulate the cooking. The tools may include stainless steel rods, a spade, and a hook to grab the cooked bread easily without burning your hands.


  1. The benefit of having Domestic tandoor accessories Amazon such as the bread tool is that it will ensure your safety. Some types of bread, like naan, need to be placed inside the tandoor oven to fully cook authentically. However, the interior of the tandoor oven is extremely hot and could severely burn the cook’s hand. So having the right tool would save you from harm’s way.
  2. A Gaddi pad is essential for sticking the dough into the interior of the tandoor. However, to take it out safely without burning the hand you need a hook and spade bread tools. You can slip the spade in between the wall and the naan to scoop it out.
  • Skewers 

The last and essential Home Tandoori Accessories without which your journey as a professional thriller would not be complete are the skewers. Skewers are significant in making different types of kebabs. Flat skewers are best for making mince kebabs, whereas round skewers are best for sticking out whole pieces of marinated veggies or meats.


  1. Gives better control at handling the meat.
  2. Skewers, which you can find at a store of Home tandoor accessories near me, allow one to control the cooking of the ingredient.
Ending Note 

You can also choose to have a laser thermometer as one of the Home tandoor accessories to check the temperature of the tandoor to get better control. Now that you know what you need, hit the store for Domestic tandoor accessories near me to get them all.