In your industrial kitchen, we will use the traditional method of cooking in a tandoor. In addition to the moist and delicate results that can only be achieved with a tandoor, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the genuine experience and flavor that can only be provided by a genuine wood-burning tandoori clay oven. Your outdoor barbeque may be taken to the next level with the addition of a domestic gas tandoor, which is also an excellent choice for accommodating a large number of guests in your vacation home kitchen. Today, we are proud to power one of the best kitchens in hotels such as Hilton, Marriott, Fairmont, Ritz Carlton, Holiday Inn, Hyatt Regency, and Four Seasons Resorts across the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Europe, with our tandoor ovens along with our best-in-class skewers and serving restaurant kitchens in the United States of America across all cities.

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Tandoori refers to the cuisine prepared in a Tandoor oven. The Tandoor’s radiant heat and convection cooking method, which lets the cooked food’s fat and juices drop into the fuel, yields a meal that is both extraordinarily tasty and endearingly scented.

Start a small fire with the kindling and add additional over the course of at least 30 to 40 minutes. The objective is to uniformly heat the tandoor’s walls and base before starting to gradually increase the flame to the neck while adding more kindling and fuel.

Tandoor is a kind of oven that is popular in Asian and Middle Eastern cultures. The primary distinction between barbecue and tandoor is that barbecue is designed only for cooking meat, but tandoor may be used to cook a range of foods.

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A Tandoor is a kind of cylindrical oven often used in Indian cuisine. Charcoal or firewood are the traditional fuels for the Tandoor. Cooking gas and electricity have joined charcoal in modern Tandoor ovens.

With a gas-powered tandoori oven, you don’t have to keep changing the heat of the charcoals at the bottom of the grill. Instead, you can just change the amount of fuel going to your oven. This makes the process of cooking easier all around.