Restaurant Tandoor In Dubai

Restaurant Tandoor In Dubai

The title suddenly refreshes you with a thought of amplifying your restaurant’s fame by adding such equipment in your kitchen that can help you glorify your menu. Restaurant tandoor oven Dubai has a lot to offer you in terms of cooking and servicing that will make you hail the product. This product helps you open doors of convenience as its structure and work is framed according to the comfortability of our customers. At restaurant tandoor is in the shape of a cylinder so that the high heat can stay inside the appliance and not choke the user. 

Uses of restaurant tandoor

When you work at a restaurant you are expected to carry out several tasks at the same time so that you can serve your customers on time. This is when restaurant tandoor in Dubai comes to your rescue as the huge cylinder like structure has the capacity to store and cook food in bulk. You can cook at least 5 to 6 naans or rotis at once in it. 

Benefits of restaurant tandoor

  • Easy to clean
  • Provides distinct flavor 
  • Serves large quantity of people
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Safe to use
  • No installation needed
Details of restaurant tandoor
  1. Usage- commercial
  2. Material- stainless steel
  3. Origin- made in India
  4. Dimensions- 28*28*35 mm
  5. Fuel- charcoal, wood

Features with restaurant tandoor

Restaurant tandoor oven Dubai is a very suitable product for all those who work in restaurants, dhabas, hotels as it enables you to carry several tasks at the same time. The product is in the shape of a cylinder so that it is safe to be used. You don’t need to install the product and save a particular spot, you can easily keep it anywhere and go anywhere you want with it. Using this appliance you get over with your work in absolutely no time as it might take several minutes to heat up but when it does to a certain temperature you don’t need to kindle it again and again as it stays at the same level for hours. The materials used to make the product are also high quality and makes it durable, lustrous and reliable. The accessories you get along with the product makes the use easy. The usage of stainless steel helps to keep the product corrosion resistant and blast proof. 

Accessories with restaurant tandoor

  • Ss skewers with wooden handles
  • Ss naan bread rods
  • Naan bread cushion
  • 100% waterproof cover
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Lump of clay for repairs

Why us?

Before we get on with the whole perspective of choosing us and relying on us we have a very vital news to share with you which is that we have our restaurant tandoor for sale in Dubai, so inform your peers and friends, get it at its lowest price and enjoy the use of this spectacular appliance. As a company we want to establish ourselves as someone our customers can have their whole faith on and so far gained the trust of everyone who has joined us. Our services are indelible and we promise to keep you fixed with us by providing you the best always. 

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