Clay Tandoor Oven In Dubai

Clay Tandoor Oven In Dubai

We are not sure if people here are aware of the spectacular product that we have to offer them with which is a tandoor. A clay tandoor oven Dubai is a traditional product in the shape of a cylinder in which tremendous sorts of recipes can be cooked and it provides a distinctive taste and smoky aroma that seeks all the attention. Traditional clay tandoor oven tends to get very high and is now present to you in an urban avatar. You can also prepare a diy clay tandoor oven at your place. 

Uses of clay tandoor

Along with multi purpose activities the clay tandoor oven for home can also be useful for startups. Indian clay tandoor oven in Dubai is the perfect product that can be used to attract customers as it is something new and provides the best flavored food. You can buy clay tandoor oven in Dubai to step into the field of catering. 

Benefits of clay tandoor

  1. Attracts customers
  2. Works on high temperature
  3. Manufactured from high graded raw materials
  4. Portable
  5. Available in different sizes
  6. Low maintenance
  7. Versatile
  8. Enhanced flavors
  9. Soothing aroma
  10. Oil and fat free food
Details of clay tandoor
  1. Size- 28*28*35 mm
  2. Usage- all kitchen
  3. Materials used- stainless steel, clay
  4. Fuel- charcoal, wood
  5. Origin- made in India

Features of clay tandoor

The food cooked in a tandoor along with serving scrumptious taste also serves you with aroma that keeps you yearning for more. The appliance is made from high quality raw materials that helps in keeping it durable and reliable, we are sure that being a customer ourselves we don’t want to invest in things that tend to break down easily after one or two use rather we would like to invest into things that goes a long way. A lot of people out there are not in need to buy the large sized tandoors and some are not satisfied with the smallest ones so to resolve the problem we have tandoors available in all sizes like small, medium and large. When a product is made from normal steel it gets attracted to rust but when stainless steel is used then it is safe to say that it will be corrosion resistant and blast proof. 

Accessories with clay tandoor

  • Ss skewers with wooden handles
  • Ss naan bread rods
  • Naan bread cushion
  • 100% waterproof cover
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Lump of clay for repairs

Why should you put your faith in us?

Our vision is to make products that can be used by everyone so we keep prices that are reasonable and budget friendly to everyone. We also have our clay tandoor oven for sale in Dubai so that people can buy the spectacular product when it is on great deals. We make sure that we provide our customers with the utmost comfortability and that we give them no point to doubt us. We want you to trust us completely so that you can rely on us with everything you buy. 

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