What Is The Temperature Of A Tandoor?

What Is The Temperature Of A Tandoor?

We often confuse the two terms to be the same, tandoor and tandoori, people often think that tandoor is a type of a dish but no, tandoor is the cooking equipment that is used to make tandoori dishes. We are sure that by this statement you might have received the idea of difference between the two. Now that we are talking about tandoors then why not go in detail in knowing about them, this blog will benefit you on so many terms as, if you are planning to buy one you should know what will fit you the best and if you already have one then you might get details about;

  • What is a tandoor?
  • Types of tandoor
  • What temperature will be suitable for you to cook?
  • In the end you might also get the answers to the most asked questions.

What is a tandoor?

A tandoor is a cooking equipment that is typically made of clay as clay retains the heat and the temperature of tandoor is expected to be high. It is designed in the shape of a cylinder so that the heat stays inside the tandoor and the smoke doesn’t come out of it and choke the user. The best thing about a tandoor that everyone likes is that you don’t have to keep a check on the temperature of tandoor.  By this what we mean is that once you heat it up to a certain temperature you don’t have to heat it again and again as it stays at the same temperature for hours. Also a good thing about tandoors is that if you don’t have one at your place and want to buy it, well the good news is you can make one at your own place though the procedure is a little complex but it is totally worth the effort. 

Types of tandoor

A tandoor is broadly of two types one is a gas tandoor that works on a gas stove and the other one is an electric tandoor that runs through electricity. 

Gas tandoor

Gas tandoor is the one which is cylindrical in shape and is manufactured from high raw materials such as stainless steel which basically helps to give a robust, sturdy body to the appliance and keep it preventive from corrosion and blasts. These can be very easily used on a gas stove and are user friendly, portable and compact in size. An appliance that every person should have at their abodes. 

Electric tandoor

This tandoor runs on electricity. Even these are made from high quality materials like cast iron, stainless steel, and many more products in making this product a strong model to be used. This appliance can be used for various things like grilling, roasting, barbecuing and enables you to complete your work in no time. This is more in the shape of an oven than a tandoor but is definitely better than an oven in all ways. 

Temperature of tandoor

Tandoors are cooking equipment that have the feature of quick heating. The temperature of tandoor can reach up to 450 to 900 degree celsius i.e. 850 to 1650 fahrenheit. The tandoors are lit for quite a while so that when you turn it off it remains at the same temperature for several hours. This feature is what makes a tandoor stand out in front of all the other kitchen cooking equipment. The perfect temperature to cook naan is 550 degrees, in fact most of the items should be cooked at the same temperature, the feature that makes it exemplary is that even at such high temperature it doesn’t burn of the food that is cooked inside it rather helps you serve food that offers a distinctive flavor of its own. You can use the accessories that are provided to you or you might have bought with the appliance for a more convenient and easy cooking. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the maximum temperature of  tandoor?

900 degree celsius or 1650 fahrenheit.

2. How to raise the temperature of  tandoor?

You should commence with a small fire and then gradually keep on increasing the heat till you feel it should be. 

3. What is the maximum temperature range of an electric tandoor?

The temperature range of electric tandoor is 50 to 350 degrees. 

4. How to make a channel for airflow inside the tandoor that you have made?

It is recommended to make holes from a drill inside small and large pots for appropriate airflow. 

5. Why is airflow important for a tandoor?

Because the better the airflow will be the much better the combustion will be.

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