What Is A Tandoor?

What Is A Tandoor

Looking at the topic might make you think that why on world would anyone have to read or learn about a tandoor, but to bring in your notice and as your well wishers it is our responsibility to let you know anything and everything that is vital before you get yourself into buying a tandoor, and this blog will certainly be helpful for those who were looking forward to know things about a tandoor. 

Most of us might be aware that a tandoor is typically made of clay, the reason for making the insides of a tandoor from clay is so that it can retain heat while the food is being prepared. A tandoor is designed basically in cylindrical shape so that heat can remain inside of it and it is convenient for the person to cook food. Everything that is done in a tandoor is done whilst keeping the convenience of the users in mind. A purpose of a tandoor oven is to serve people with the authentic taste of spices and all the flavors that are added in preparing food. Initially tandoors were not something that was used in our country, it was basically discovered at the time of indus valley civilization but later on when it reached its peak of fame, its qualities commenced to be spread here and people started using it and now it is built in such a way that it is easy for the user to use and no doubt it gives our prepared food and a distinctive flavor and aroma. 

Now that we have come to know about the history of a tandoor then we can say that we know a little much more now than we knew earlier. Up next the information that we have for you is what are the uses of a tandoor. So basically what everyone is familiar with is that a tandoor oven can only be used to bake naans and rotis, but here’s where you are wrong, we are sure that you will be astonished to know that a tandoor can help you accomplish every work that you do in a kitchen, yes you read it right! Starting from boiling, roasting, grilling, reheating, baking, defrosting, anything and everything that is done to prepare a meal. The best part of using it is that even at high temperatures it is guaranteed that the food being prepared in this cooking equipment won’t burn off. It gives the prepared meal a different dimension and attracts people by adding a smoky, scrumptious and strong aroma of its own. A tandoor is also helpful for those who are engaged in arranging house parties more often at their residences, then this cooking equipment will surely be helpful for you as it has the capacity to serve 30 to 35 people at the same time and also send your guests in the awe of the food and making the hit of the party. Now, tandoors do come in various sizes so it is recommended that you buy the one that you know will suit you the best. Another use is that it is suitable to be used in every kitchen be it in restaurants, in hotels, in dhabas and why leave behind homes it can be used there too. 

Now that we have come to know what is a tandoor, its history and what are its uses, where it can be used, it is now time to know what are the major benefits of using a tandoor. It is obvious that until and unless we don’t come to know the benefits of the thing in which we are going to invest our “precious thing” into is an absolute waste. 

We can list tremendous advantages that you are going to enjoy using this equipment and leave you startled but we are sure the amount of satisfaction that you will receive once you use won’t be equal to what you read here. So the very first thing about a tandoor is that it has the credibility to reach high temperatures i.e. till 900 degree celsius and still not harm food and also the person using it. Another advantage is that the outer body of this appliance is made from stainless steel that helps to make the appliance corrosion resistant and blast proof. Stainless steel helps to give the body a robust, sturdy body with a look that is appealing to the eyes. Another advantage is for those who are very health conscious. We think that taste and health are impertinent but using a tandoor will prove you wrong as when you prepare food using a tandoor you do not need to use oil or can use very less oil in the preparation and another thing is that since this equipment is armed with the power of quick heating so that nutrients and minerals of the food doesn’t get wear off and it keeps all the vital things of the food intact. 

We hope that the information given above will be fruitful for you and has given you a clear picture in your head. 

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