How To Use Gas Tandoor On Glass Top  Stove

How To Use Gas Tandoor On Glass Top Stove?

We have heard about all sorts of tandoors such as gas tandoors and electric tandoors sold in the market and are also well aware of its uses and benefits but just knowing about a product’s uses and benefits is never enough until you come to know the various ways you can use it in. 

Today we are going to have a clean knowledge of things that will make you the master of using tandoors, here are the list of things we will come to know through this blog;

  • What is a glass top stove?
  • Benefits of glass top stove
  • Uses of glass top stove
  • How can you use a gas tandoor on this stove?
  • You will get answers to some of the questions that are often raised by the customers.

What is a glass top stove?

We know what a stove is and have spent ages working on a stove but since we are evolving each day and venturing with new things daily, likewise from working on a simple stove we don’t know when did we start working on a glass stove. A glass top stove is somewhat similar to a stove. The only difference is that the cooktop of these stoves are made of glass, and the rest of the body is the same. It is certain that without knowing of the advantages that a product can bring on the table for you it is worthless to invest into something. So here we go knowing about the advantages that this product will offer you. 

Benefits of glass top stove

1. Provides a savvy look to the kitchen

Glass top stove definitely will enhance the look of your kitchen as it will upgrade the way your kitchen has been styled. The best quality is that it balances with all the looks so in order to buy a glass top stove you don’t need to make alterations in your kitchen. 

2. Easy to clean

It is easy to clean the glass on these stoves as they are very sleek and are restrained to get blots. Most of the time while working it happens so residues get spread on the stove and dries up and then it becomes difficult for you to clean it but not with these stoves you won’t have to worry about such problems as you can clean blots with a damp cloth. 

3. Equipped with faster warming up and cooling down techniques

Using a glass top stove can benefit you by quickly warming up and cooling down as most of them have a proliferating warm up time that just takes less than a minute for the heating element to start cooking the ingredients that are in your pot and pan. Infrared halogen lamps or radiant heating coils are used that provide quick heating to the pot and pans. 

Uses of glass top stove

The basic use that we all are aware of is the need of cooking in kitchens and also the factor that it provides instant heat to the heating elements in which the ingredients have been put to get cooked. 

Step by step guide to use gas tandoor on glass top stove

A gas tandoor is a type of tandoor that gets heated up using gas or also can be fueled through charcoal. 

  • Make sure that you keep two stands on a stove so that there is ample space for the tandoor to fit in.
  • Using just one stand may be hazardous as the tandoor will hog up the whole space and there will be no channel for the airflow which is necessary while working with a gas tandoor. 
  • After making the tandoor stand firmly on the two stands simply turn the gas on with the help of a lighter and then you are good to go. 
  • Start working with the meal that you have been planning to prepare. 

Working with a gas tandoor on a glass top stove can be harmful in many ways that is why it is important for you to have full knowledge of the instructions to do it. If you don’t use it right and follow the steps you might end up hurting yourself or might break the glass of the stove. No airflow can be perilous.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it perilous to use a glass top stove?

Anything can turn into perilous and also result in an inferno if not used right and especially the things that are related to kitchen. Using a glass top stove is not at all dangerous if used with proper care and if the appropriate instructions are followed. 

2. Is a glass top stove expensive?

No, they are not expensive or extravagant and will definitely be a fit choice for your budget. 

3. Can gas tandoors be cleaned easily?

Gas tandoors are one of the most low maintenance products that you can have, cleaning and maintaining the hygiene standards of this product is not of much issue. 

4. Are tandoors worth buying?

Yes, they are definitely worth purchasing as they help you provide healthy meals with great taste. 

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