How To Make Indian Tandoor Oven?

How To Make Indian Tandoor Oven?

Most of the times when we talk about Indian tandoor all we yearn is to buy it and get it for ourselves but have you ever wondered what it would be like if we make it on our own which eventually will benefit us in so many ways such as;

  • There will be no need to spend money
  • You don’t need to go through the whole process of exploring which one to buy
  • Saves time
  • It is always fun to build things on your own
  • You will also learn how to build one easily

But before we jump into the whole process of building an Indian tandoor oven on your own it is safe to know;

  1. How to make it?
  2. How to use it? 

These are the three major and most vital things that you will come to know through this blog which will eventually help you in getting a clear picture of all the things you might be planning to execute. 

How To Build An Indian Tandoor?

As soon as we hear the name tandoor, we start to picture clustering around the tandoor with our family and friends, on one side a bonfire is kindled and on the other hand smoky, delicious dishes are being prepared. All of this automatically makes us ecstatic, now imagine you have invited your friends and family over a dinner party and you have prepared the meal on the cooking equipment that you have manufactured from your own blood and sweat, didn’t just the thought of lighten up your mood all of a sudden now think of the same thing happening and you are the host. To make all of this happen we have got your back.

Step 1: Corpus all the materials

Buy three pots from the market, and all of them of different sizes, small, medium and large and also make sure that they are built from clay 

Step 2:  Use a masking tape to tape around the bottom of the medium size pot you have bought and make sure that the masking tape is 1 inch wide, and then use an angle grinder to cut the bottom of the pot following the area the top of the tape area and then set it aside for further use. 

Step 3: Take the large pot and start digging four holes at its bottom around its circumference using a drilling machine. Keep a space of about 1 inch between the space holes and also drill holes from a distance of about 1 inch from the outer edge. 

Step 4: Repeat step 3 but on the small pot and make sure to drill holes at equal spaces with the distance of 0.5 inch between the holes and maintain the same distance from the outer edge.

Step 5: Take 3 to 4 pieces of a brick and start placing it below the large pot but make sure that you don’t cover up the holes with the bricks so place them accordingly. If not bricks then use flat rocks but of the same height. 

Step 6: Take another 3 to 4 pieces of a brick or a rock of the same height and start placing them inside the large pot by making sure that you don’t cover the holes, place them between the spaces in the holes or place them according to you but make sure to not cover up the holes. 

Step 7: Now put the small pot inside the large pot but place it above the bricks you have kept inside the smaller pot and make sure to keep them appropriately so that it doesn’t teeter. 

Step 8: The next chore will be to turn the medium pot upside down and put it on the small pot as if the two pots are tightly hugging each other but also make sure that the medium sized pot doesn’t lurch and is firmly standing on the small one. 

Step 9: Now that you are done with all the steps mentioned above we are certain that there must be space around the large pot after placing the medium pot on the small one, start to put lava rocks in that space, brim it and also keep enough spaces between the rocks for airflow. 

Now that you have made the Indian tandoor it’s now time to use it. 

How to use an Indian tandoor oven? 

Step 1: Place a handful of charcoal inside the bottom of the small pot through the hole made in the medium pot in the first step. 

Step 2: Now you can put the skewers of meat or vegetables inside the medium pot. Leave about an inch of the skewer empty so you can easily get hold of it without burning your or anyone else’s hands. 

Step 3: Place the bottom that you had cut off from the medium pot on the medium pot again, it will work as the upper lid. It is important to do so that the heat and smoke gets trapped inside the equipment you have made. 

Step 4: After you are done working, let the charcoal burn till its end and till the time it is no longer hot. Do not keep the Indian tandoor oven unattended till the time charcoal turns into ash and is at the normal temperature or else it can be harmful and injurious. 

Step 5: Place a big utensil underneath the tandoor you made and guide the ashes their way out of the holes of the tandoor you have drilled. 

Step 6: After getting accomplished with all steps keep the Indian tandoor in a safe place so that it is perfect to be used again. 

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