CSA Certified Tandoor

CSA Certified Tandoor

Top CSA Certified Tandoor manufacturer

PuriTandoor is a leading manufacturer and supplier of all types of Tandoors in India and abroad. We are a CSA manufacturer of certified Charcoal Tandoor. We manufacture CSA restaurant tandoor t

CSA certified tandoors is a certification that implies that the product is safe, healthy and totally suitable to be used in the environment. You might be familiar with the term tandoor but if in any way you have doubts buying the other one then this is the one for you as it is certified and completely ensures safety. This product has been tested, inspected and then only has been claimed to be used safely by the public. 

Our company aims at manufacturing products that can be used by the wider section of the society and can see for themselves why our product has gained its share of popularity in the market. We portray no overconfidence, it’s just our hard work and faith in what we do that makes us confident and sets a unbaffled foot in the market. 

Our products are user- friendly and assure safety on all grounds of ethics. The CSA certified tandoor clay ovens are durable, reliable, comfortable and completely convenient to be used by everyone. In the starting you might face some challenges in using the product as you have never worked with such an appliance but with constant use we know that the product will become handy and you will no longer have any difficulty working with it. 

This product has been made from very high quality products which makes them stand out in the market. Stainless steel is used in building this appliance and as we all know that stainless steel helps in keeping the product away from corrosion and also keeps it blast proof. The product also ensures a prolonged life as its exterior is robust and restraints dents and scratches. 

This product is stuffed with every quality that a person needs in the products they buy, we know for sure that you will not have to deal with things that you do not like in a product and will root for this appliance as it is so good. 

The certification helps in upgrading its power and that is what makes it unrivaled. CSA gas certified tandoors in India have made people go crazy with its quality and productivity and we know that the condition will be the same here as well. The product is user-friendly, convenient, safe and secure and sustainable. We know that when a person invests a huge sum of money then they expect sustainability from the product and we make sure that we provide the same to our customers. 


  1. Optimum usage
  2. Convenient to use
  3. Unrivaled features
  4. Robust finish
  5. High efficiency

When we put ourselves in your shoes we come to know about things that a customer expects from its salesman and we strive to provide them with that. Providing quality products with cost efficiency is what we aim at and so far we have been successful in accomplishing our visions. Along with making us successful we want to see people succeed who have played a huge role in making us reach this place. We have no room for compromise, whether it is about quality, services, reasonable prices, we want everyone to use our product and we know that everyone will. We have been working in this field for quite a long time now and know what a customer expects and we will leave no stone unturned to provide them that. 

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