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At Puri Tandoors, we specialize in manufacturing and sales of Clay Ovens, Tandoor, Tandoori Ovens, Gas clay Tandoor, portable tandoor, electric tandoor, Punjabi tandoor, Indian tandoor, clay tandoor, domestic tandoor clay oven, home tandoor, portable tandoor, used tandoor, Uzbek tandoor for sale, catering drum tandoor, restaurant tandoor and propane tandoori oven for sale and are shipped across All Over World.

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We founded our corporation in 1900. Puri Tandoors International is a renowned Indian tandoor maker, exporter, and supplier. Puri Tandoors is happy to see the home tandoor oven emulate its predecessors. The firm grew rapidly.

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Puri Tandoors is a reputable manufacturer of clay oven tandoor, charcoal tandoor, home tandoor, and catering tandoor for sale in Canada and the USA.