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Tandoori Ovens grill
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Home Tandoori Clay Oven
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Charcoal Tandoori Oven
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Restaurant Gas Tandoori Oven

Our restaurant tandoori oven has a 6-month production defect warranty. Please mention whether you want to use natural gas or LPG in the tandoor so it can be set properly.



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domestic stainless steel charcoal fired Tandoori clay oven.


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Canada, UK, New York, and American kitchens have relied on Puri tandoors for decades. Roasted breads, lamb, chicken, and other Mughlai dishes (with or without curry) from the tandoor have played a central part in the cuisines of Canada, the United Kingdom, New York City, and the United States for generations.

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Rose Gold Barrel Tandoor ….. $1,600.00

The tandoor has a high-end copper appearance thanks to its rose gold stainless steel housing.
because stainless steel is so low-maintenance

Tandoor for Home and Catering …$1,000.00

Rolling bass drum Catering, BBQ Islands, and Outdoor Entertaining with a Tandoor Oven, Serve roughly 50 persons. Genuine Tandoori clay oven from India. Product of India

Square XL Home Tandoor….. $990.00

Indian clay oven. From India Puri Tandoors reinvents centuries-old cookery methods for your home/garden. Its elegant stainless-steel casing holds a hand-crafted clay pot made by Indian artists.

Home Tandoori Clay Oven ….. $970.00

We offer centuries-old cooking techniques to your home/garden. It has a handcrafted clay pot by Indian artisans in a stylish stainless steel casing with heavy insulation to keep heat.

no.1 quality of tandoori ovens

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Deluxe Home Tandoors COMBO pack (ss1, ss2, ss3)

Puri Tandoor offer you for Deluxe Combo Packs use, big, portable, stainless steel, charcoal-fired.

Ultima Home Tandoors Combo Pack (SS1, SS2, SS3)

Puri Tandoor Give you offer for Combo Pack charcoal fired home tandoori clay oven

SS1 Deluxe – (Medium Home Tandoori Clay Oven)

domestic stainless steel charcoal fired tandoors

SS2 Deluxe – Home Tandoori Clay Oven

domestic stainless steel charcoal fired Ideal for up to 25 people

SS2 Ultima – Domestic Tandoor

Ideal for up to 20-25 people. Stylish stainless steel outer casing

SS1 Ultima – Home Tandoori Clay Oven

Portable domestic stainless steel charcoal fired. For to 15 people.

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I had purchased copper tandoor from them, I liked its quality very much and it also had many free accessories, I suggest you to buy it from here.
Randall McKnight
I had bought a small tandoor for my home, now it is going to be 5 years old, its condition is like new. I will suggest to my all friends purchase to him
Regina Good
I had purchased a combo pack of domestic tandoor, I got it cheap and I got 1 tandoor free only, with this you also try combo once.
Pamela Stover
I like the quality of their home tandoor, delivery also comes on time, I have to I have ordered a combo too, waiting for the same.
Roberta Taylor
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Purit andoor for home

Puri Oven, the brand you can trust. We have been in the assembling and retail industry for last 10 years and understand what our clients need. With long periods of oven making experience, we have planned an ideal bar-b-que roasted stove for home use. The mud pot with weighty protection guarantees heat maintenance while the rakish bend in the stomach steps the rising intensity back inside the stove. You get impeccably cooked firm meat outwardly and soggy delicious meat within. Purchase the best and appreciate grill in our roasted stove.

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